The Real Reason To Take Big Risks

The Real Reason To Take Big Risks

Written by Lars

Topics: Comfort Zone, Mindset, Overcoming Fear

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The following is an awesome guest post from my friend Nico Jannasch. He recently re-branded his website to be all about risk taking, and it’s really exciting and inspirational. Take it away!

Taking big risks is exciting.


Hiking through the Amazon days away from any nearby base camp, climbing up massive mountains where you need to get oxygen from a tank on your back, and scuba diving to 185 feet (where pressure begins to wreak havoc on your brain) are all activities that in the moment are unique and challenging. They also require high levels of willpower and skill.


Coming back from one of these activities often leaves you feeling euphoric for days, and many people just want to go back for more!


But, are all the benefits of taking these risks momentary? Is your reward for risking your life those few moments of glory followed by a few days of telling stories?


Definitely not.


The victory, the story telling, and the revelry, are all rewards for those who take risks. But these short-term gains are NOT why becoming an avid risk taker changes your life.


I believe the true benefits of taking risks are nearly all internal. The most important reward you receive from accepting a challenge is the change that occurs inside yourself as you move to conquer your goal.


If you accept the challenge of climbing Mt. Everest, you become a stronger individual because of it. You become someone with the will power to approach a seemingly impossible task, train extensively, and strive powerfully towards your goal.


You will have this willpower and perseverance far longer than you will know the brief euphoria of accomplishment.


The same story is true when taking risks that involve little to no skill. Skydiving is a perfect example.


If you are a person who feels a large amount of unnecessary fear in your daily life, (see this post for an example) skydiving will help you grow internally. In order to take that leap out of the airplane you will need to summon up a great deal of courage. Doing so will force you to exercise bravery, most likely in ways you haven’t in a long time due to daily routine leading to its unimportance.


The act of climbing a massive mountain, or achieving any large goal, makes you stronger. If you are afraid, facing fear will increase your courage. The effects of these changes in you will ripple throughout your life.


Newfound strength will allow you to conquer bigger tasks and have the stamina to follow through and achieve large goals. Courage may show itself in the form of you finally asking for a raise that you have deserved for over a decade.


This is the real reason I love taking risks. The person I am afterwards is never the same as the one who initially decided to take on the challenge. I believe these effects are available to anyone.


Take risks for the thrill of course, but realize their potential for improving your life long after the adrenaline has stopped coursing through your veins.


“Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain.” – Mark Twain


Nico Jannasch is a blogger, risk taker, and avid thrill seeker. For the past two years he has been exploring ways to build unique experiences into his life, balance hard work with enjoyment, and create deep relationships by sharing stories and delicious food. You can get your life re-vamped with his writing at and you can see all his flashes of genius on Twitter @Nico_Jannasch

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