Why You Need Motivation Daily

Why You Need Motivation Daily

Written by Lars

Topics: Habits, Productivity

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Today, I’m honored to publish my first guest post by my good friend and up-and-coming blogger Nico Jannasch. This article ties in nicely with my most recent web service Year Of Motivation, which helps him stay highly motivated every single day. Nico, take it away!

Brian Tracy makes huge sums of money motivating sales people to hit the phones. Jim Rohn, the farm boy from Idaho, made millions telling people that ‘It’s not what you have, but who you become, that matters.’ Tony Robbins shouts at a crowd about following their dreams for an hour and makes $100,000.


Are these men benefiting society, or are they just ripping us all off?


I know from personal experience that what these men have to provide to society is valuable…extremely valuable.


Before I knew who Jim, Brian, or Tony where, I was a lost high school student. I had this terrible gnawing in my chest. I knew that there was something more out there beyond class, a job, and then retirement. I knew that I wanted life to be lived on grander terms. I waned to improve the world in some way.


However, I was confused as to how exactly I was going to do it.


Words like life, purpose, and meaning, still confuse me. Ask me what my purpose is and my honest answer will be that I have no idea.


Even under these circumstances, however, one major thing has changed. I’m getting results. Instead of just worrying and pulling my hair out, I’m getting real, tangible results.


I know why this is happening. It’s because of something simple I’ve gained over the past year.


During high school I had almost no focus. Ideas would pop into my head (genius ones, I would think) and then flit away as soon as a distraction in short-shorts walked by. I know I had many great ideas in high school. I didn’t get results, however, because I lacked focus.


Focus was the missing ingredient.


Focus is what I have been able to gain thanks to motivational speakers.


During my extremely transformative first year in college, something happened to me. I became extremely set on achieving my goals.


I would even say…brainwashed.


There were weeks when (I kid you not) I would wake up thinking about success, shower thinking about my goals, sit in class unaware of the lecture materials, and fall asleep questioning how I would change the world. This was repeated day in and day out.


How was I able to gain this focus?


All day long, I was plugged in. When I woke up in the morning, it was Jim Rohn’s voice coming from my computer speakers. As I walked to class, Brian Tracy’s speeches flowed through my ear buds. When I fell asleep at night I would watch Tony Robbins from the dimmed glow of my monitor.


My focus was unwavering. For someone who has never been in that headspace, it is difficult to explain.


Every. Single. Thought. Every thought was asking the question “How will I become a success?” My mind was working. My neurons were rewiring.


The only way I was able to keep this focus was because I made it a priority to listen to these motivational speakers. Only by absorbing their messages again, and again, and again, and again was I able to completely download the meaning behind their words and put them into action.


Unlike when I was in high school, I am now focused and able to take action. Jim helped me really think about who I wanted to become. Tony got me to leap into massive action. Brian showed me how to apply my unique skills to get results I can get excited about. They all gave me the focus to go from a default state of inaction to an active state where I got things moving and kept up momentum.


You need motivational speakers. It’s plain and simple. They’re the ones who start the fire. They’re the ones who feed it as it grows from a small ember to a blazing inferno. They’re the ones who fan it as it expands and grows larger than you ever thought possible!


In a world that so often says ‘no,’ they shout back ‘YES.’ They won’t give you all the answers, but they’ll get you searching for the answers yourself.


If you’re ready to head down the right path, that’s all you need.


Nico Jannasch is a blogger, risk taker, and avid thrill seeker. For the past two years he has been exploring ways to cut off his abusive relationship with stress, balance life enjoyment with an irrational ball-and-chain work ethic, and discover best practices in order to achieve massive goals that actually matter. You can get your life re-vamped with his writing at NicoJannasch.com and you can see all his flashes of genius on Twitter @Nico_Jannasch. Also, remember to check out Year Of Motivation to get motivated every single morning!


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