The Top 4 Benefits Of Yoga

The Top 4 Benefits Of Yoga

Written by Lars

Topics: Comfort Zone, Health, Self Improvement, Spirituality

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Yoga is such a great practice that has directly improved my life and health in many ways. I would encourage you to get into it, no matter what your beliefs are.


I’ve been doing yoga weekly for over half a year now. People who knew how inflexible my body was before are always surprised when they see how flexible I’ve become.


1. Increased Flexibility and Balance


Flexibility is one of the most obvious benefits of yoga. It feels great to be able to touch your toes easily and stretch deeply in any way. Flexibility is incredibly helpful in sports, strength training, and everyday life. If you’re flexible, you’re less likely to get some types of injuries, and more likely to have a better posture.


After falling over more than a few times in your first few times practicing yoga, you’ll realize that you have an improved sense of balance. Also, you might even find that you have an increased range of motion and more strength.


2. Constant Challenge


If you haven’t tried yoga, you might have written it off as easy, or “for women.” If you’ve tried yoga, you know that yoga is definitely neither of those things. I see many guys in every class I go to, and yoga can be extremely tough at times. It’s great because you can always get incrementally better until eventually you’ll be able to tie your body in a knot (seriously, that’s what it looks like sometimes) and do effortless headstands. I’m not even close to that level yet, but in a couple of years, who knows?

3. Lowers Stress


Yoga has been proven to reduce stress and inflammation. In our highly stressful environment, we all could afford to regularly de-stress. Yoga is one of the best ways to do that. After yoga, you’ll be in a calm, meditative state, ready to take on the rest of your day with peace, tranquility, and a good mood.


4. Spiritual Benefits


No matter what you believe in, yoga is amazing for many aspects of your health. If you’re more spiritual, yoga will be a very beneficial addition to your spiritual practice. Yoga originated as a spiritual practice in Ancient India, which mystics have used for centuries to achieve a state of permanent peace.


Yoga has directly improved my life, and it can improve yours too, if you let it. Even if you’re skeptical, try it out and see how it feels. How have your experiences with yoga been? Let me know in the comments below!

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