The Case for Self-Improvement

The Case for Self-Improvement

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I would argue that it is essential to consciously improve yourself to have a truly happy, fulfilled life. I don’t mean happy as in the short bursts of pleasure we get from doing various things, I mean a lasting, deep happiness that does not change very much depending on your situation.


In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the need for self-actualization (also known as self-improvement) is at the top of the pyramid. After we fulfill our core basic needs (physiological, safety, love/belonging, and esteem), we have a need to self-actualize. This is the need to fulfill our personal potential. When we are not meeting that need, we might not realize it, but we definitely feel the effects. We might feel lost, constantly tired, depressed, and question our reason for being on this planet.


Maslow estimated that only 2 percent of people are self-actualized. At first, this might seem bad for society (which it definitely is, as ideally everyone should be self-actualized), but it’s actually a good thing for you personally. If you can join that elite, high performing, highly conscious group of people, you’re at the top of the game. You’re living at your best, while giving your best to the world. You will be happier and more fulfilled than 98% of the world, and past limitations and blocks will cease to exist. You will realize your full potential, and begin tapping into it. Life doesn’t get any better than that.


This is by no means a casual event. Once you realize that you quite literally can achieve whatever you imagine and be basically whoever you want to be, it can be legitimately scary. Knowing that your identity and future are not fixed at all, changes your whole concept of reality. It takes courage to be the best person you can be, but it is completely worth it.


Think of someone you admire who has achieved an incredible amount in their lives. You might have a mental barrier between you and them, thinking something like, “they’re cut from a different cloth, they got lucky, I could never do something like that, etc.” The reality is they are a person, just like you, and you can do something of equal or greater impact. It’s possible, if you want it badly enough. Inherently, they are no better or more deserving than you, they just took the steps necessary to get to where they’re at in life. Once you realize this, your mind is set free, knowing that you can make a living doing what you’re most passionate about, and being the best person you can possibly be.


The path towards self-actualization has never been easier than it is today. That is not to say that the work of self-improvement is easy, in fact it can be very hard, but the knowledge and resources are more abundant and cheaper than they have ever been in the past, thanks to the internet. Today, you can read millions of articles and watch millions of videos on the internet on different aspects of improving yourself in every way imaginable.


Books are also an awesome resource. They’re incredibly inexpensive for the value they offer, as reading one book on any topic of self-improvement can radically change your life for the better. People at the cutting edge of their fields take the best work they’ve ever done in their lives and condense it all into one book for you to read for only about 10 dollars. That’s an opportunity far too good to pass up.


In the process of personal growth, you will quite literally increase the value you give to everyone you know. You will be more efficient, productive, happy, intelligent, successful, etc. The physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of yourself will always be improving once you start your journey. Your life gets better and better, instead of just stagnating like many people on this planet.


You will find that your journey towards being the best version of yourself will never end. It’s impossible to “have arrived,” as you always have the capacity to grow as a person. In fact, the journey itself is just as important as the goals you achieve.


Keep in mind self-improvement is not a “magic pill,” or a “quick fix,” and any progress you make will come at its own rate. For example, it may even take years to build your ideal body, or be able to quiet your mind during meditation. Any lasting change takes time, effort, and self-discipline. Your progress will be made in many small steps, outside of your comfort zone.


The interesting thing about self-improvement is once you know that you can do it, it’s very hard not to. It’s hard to keep doing what you used to do, day in and day out, knowing your potential for so much more. It’s inevitable that you will embark on your journey once you know it is available to you. The sooner you do so, the better.


This website is dedicated to empowering you and helping you to reach your full potential as a human being. I guarantee that every single article you read on this site will help you in some way, if you let it. Take action. Push your comfort zone. As Maslow said, “What we can be, we must be.” If you’re willing to commit to improving yourself, subscribe here.

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